Rooms and Relaxation

Welcome to Park View Rooms and Relaxation.

We have designed our accommodation so that single people and couples can stay in self-catering accommodation without the high cost of renting a whole apartment. Many apartments including one bedroom or studio's are charged at a rate for a minimum of 4 people, 2 in the bed and 2 on a sofa bed. This makes them expensive for single travellers or couples who want to enjoy self-catering accommodation.

To that end, you only pay for a private en-suite bedroom and have the bonus of using the communal kitchen and dining facilities. We also offer breakfast items for you to enjoy during your stay, such as bread, milk, cereals, sugar, condiments, yoghurts, porridge oats, orange juice, butter, margarine, unlimited tea and coffee.

Our contactless check-in, means that you can arrive as late as you like and leave as early as you like, in the morning.

Preparing your breakfast as and when you want it, which will suit business people and contractors that have to be on their way early.

We found a much unloved and dilapidated property next to Paignton's Palace Theater, which used to be a dentists, but had been closed since 2015. We loved the look of the building and in line with Torbay Council's strategy of improving the area and encouraging bed and breakfast, self catering, hotels and holiday accommodation to Paignton's old town, we purchased it, knocked it about abit and then re-built it into one of the most up to date, Luxury self catering bed and breakasts available in Torbay and The English Riviera.

Park View has 7 en-bedrooms, a King-size bedroom (The Coverdale Room) and a twin with two single beds (The Rossiter Room) on the ground floor, 3 King-size bedrooms  on the first floor and 2 more King-size bedrooms  on the second floor.Also on the ground floor is the shared kitchen/living/dining room where guests can cater for them selves when ever they choose. We provide breakfast items such as BREAD, MILK, CEREALS, YOGHURTS, PORRIDGE, BUTTER, MARGARINE, JAM, MARMALADE, MARMITE, TEA, COFFEE AND FRUIT JUICE, for you to use during your stay, so that you do not have to rush out to the shops as soon as you arrive. 
The rooms are designed by Demi Keenan a local interior designer, giving a contemporary feel, with clean lines and light enhancing colours. The rooms have large windows with blackout blinds and comply with the latest building regulations for safety and sound proofing, meaning you really can have a quiet relaxed stay at Park View Rooms and Relaxation.

The property is run by Stuart and Jack Lewton, father and son, Stuart has over 18 years experience of running hotels, bed and breakfast, self catering apartments and quality self catering serviced rooms for holiday makers to Devon. We strive to provide the best accommodation in South Devon, meeting the highest standards of fire and sound proofing, so that guests can enjoy their stay without the hassels associated with older buildings, such as noise from other guests or being tied to a rigid regime of getting up for breakfast at a fixed time and being told when you can eat and where.
We want you to come away and relax,

doing things in your own time,

so that you go home knowing you have had a great break and are ready to take on the world again.
We hope you enjoy our new concept of R&R, Rooms and Relaxation, so that you will return again and again.

Thank you.